Let me start by being a little blunt. Collecting has become integrated into the nature of comics and most readers don’t want to part with their comics. We don’t like asking or begging for donations that often. We would rather people see our site, tweets, or read our content and then donate because they like what we are doing and what our mission is. Should we be asking for donations more and putting it out there that we take them, probably. We are trying to build Comics For Heroes into something that matters and makes a difference in people’s lives beyond just getting comics to troops, kids, and those less fortunate. We want to talk about the difference that comics can make in a person’s life and tell those stories. We also want to show non-readers that there is more to comics than they think and that there is a comic out there for everyone. So we are starting a new initiative called THE COMICS FOR HEROES CHALLENGE.


I just really wanted to use this image

I just really wanted to use this image

Comics For Heroes is challenging you to share a comic with a non-reader. Whether it is someone you know who doesn’t read comics, a kid, or a stranger off the street, we just want you to share comics with someone and help them discover everything comics have to offer. We want you to share your story with us. What comic or trade did you give them? How did it go? Did they like it? Do they want to read more?


You are trying to get someone hooked on comics, so make sure to choose carefully what you share or give someone. Something that is one of your all-time favorites may not be the right choice for someone. If it is someone you know, try to cater your choice to their interests and tastes as best as possible. Superhero comics are not for everyone. If it is someone random or someone you don’t know, think really hard about what comic you would give someone to get them to read more. Look at it as your one and only chance to get them hooked.


Share your experience by leaving a comment to this post and we will make sure to feature the best ones very prominently on the site.



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