Mann About the Racks: Green Lantern #24

Green Lantern Relic
As I have often described, it is quite difficult to recommend comic books to the new reader that are so entrenched in history. Green Lantern is one of those books but this may be the best time to see what our emerald heroes are all about. Up till this year there was one leading voice to the Green Lantern books, a man named Geoff... more →
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Mann About The Racks: Batman #21 ZERO YEAR

Batman #21
Given the principle of this post is on introducing new readers to the genre, then you may wonder how can you possibly find somewhere to start with Batman? If you ask any comic fan or casual superhero moviegoer their favourite character, Bruce will often figure high on that list. So much so, that this is the reason why there are so... more →
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Dark Romance: Reflections on “Death of the Family”

Batman 14 3
***WARNING:  This review has made at least one person cry*** “Death of the Family” is a master class in psychological horror, start to finish. Joker is back after a year away from Gotham. When we last encountered him in the “New 52”, it was a brief meeting which resulted in the removal of his face. His last confrontation... more →
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