Sorry, but we’re not currently accepting new donations

Comics For Heroes is not currently accepting new donations.  This is an unfortunate situation to be in, but your support over the past years has been more than we ever could have hoped for.  While that is a very very good thing, it has left us with thousands more comics than our funding allows us to process and ship to new homes.... more →
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Holiday Gift of Literacy to Arctic Children and Families

Arctic Airlift For Literacy
Nunavut, Canada — While Santa’s helpers ready good cheer for the globe, “Team Duffy” – Beth, Dan, and their two children Rachel and Eddie in Ontario, Canada have marshalled a continental response to airlift over 3,000 magazines and comics to Inuit children and families north of the Arctic Circle in Nunavut, Canada for... more →
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Comics’ New Blood

In case you were wondering, this is where it all starts. This is the moment you get a snapshot of the future, and a little bit of time to examine the photo negative. Who’s to know what these, the following comic creators, will produce one day? But I can tell you all about what they’ve done and are doing.   Would... more →
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Wealth Gap Heroes

cost of being batman
Money can’t buy me love? That’s no problem for Batman, who says, “It bought me gadgets, cars, property, and influence.” It doesn’t bother Iron Man either, who reminds us, “Money paid for this fancy, high-powered armor.”   So, maybe those aren’t direct quotes, but money has been... more →
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Give Comics a Chance

It’s like reading’s best kept secret or something.  It’s like two storytelling mediums got married one afternoon, only you missed the reception. I don’t read comics because I think it makes me cool, but it does in fact make me cool. Where were you when Reed Richards was put on trial, when Batman caught the... more →
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HERO PICKS – May 08, 2013

Uber #1
Here are the books we are looking forward to the most this week.   Avengers #11 Written by Jonathan Hickman Art by Dustin Weaver   Two words, Hickman, Jonathan       Batman #20 Written by Scott Snyder Art by Greg Capullo   The finale to a small two part tale.  A nice change of pace from the long stories we... more →
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Let me start by being a little blunt. Collecting has become integrated into the nature of comics and most readers don’t want to part with their comics. We don’t like asking or begging for donations that often. We would rather people see our site, tweets, or read our content and then donate because they like what we are doing... more →
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Comics Kick A** Week – What Do Comics Mean To You?

cooke free comic book day
Our friends over at BSI Comics in New Orleans want to know what comics mean to you.  They have designated this week as Comics Kick A** Week.  Leading into Free Comic Book Day on May 4th, BSI Comics are asking bloggers, podcasters, artists, and you to post something explaining what comics mean to you.  You can leave a comment... more →
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Confessions Of A Comic Book Virgin: There’s A 1st Time (Reading) For Everyone

I never imagined I would one day be sitting here writing an article about why I love comic books and how they have become a very significant part of my life. These books filled with vibrant art and stories trapped in little bubbles seemed like a creation that was only for those who were superhero lovers and the self proclaimed ‘geeks”... more →
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Announcing Our First Retail Partner: Metropolis Comix

A little over a month ago, Comics For Heroes was contacted by one of our long-time supporters, Shane Holden.  Shane works at Metropolis Comix in Sacramento, CA and wanted to know if we were interested in partnering with them as they are always doing charity and fundraising events.  We had never received such an offer before and... more →
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