Sorry, but we’re not currently accepting new donations

Comics For Heroes is not currently accepting new donations.  This is an unfortunate situation to be in, but your support over the past years has been more than we ever could have hoped for.  While that is a very very good thing, it has left us with thousands more comics than our funding allows us to process and ship to new homes.... more →
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Children’s Hospital Gets A Special Halloween Treat (We Know It’s February)

Spidey Cleans Windows
Source: Pittsburgh Tribune Review While this is old news, it has been making the rounds on the internet for the last week.  I debated for a few days whether to put this up on the site or not and may have retweeted something about it from the Comics For Heroes account, but this is too amazing not to mention.  Last October, a window... more →
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Comics For Kids: Amazon Announces Kindle Freetime Unlimited

We want more people to read comics.  We really want more kids to read comics, so bringing in younger readers that could develop into a lifelong reader would be a good thing, right?  Part of our mission is getting comic books to kids and using comics as a medium to encourage reading and learning.  We were excited today when Amazon... more →
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