Sorry, but we’re not currently accepting new donations

Comics For Heroes is not currently accepting new donations.  This is an unfortunate situation to be in, but your support over the past years has been more than we ever could have hoped for.  While that is a very very good thing, it has left us with thousands more comics than our funding allows us to process and ship to new homes.  The service we used for donations changed their business model and we have not yet replaced them.  The lack of a system to manage donations and several moves over the last year have left us in a bit of a rut.

We were pretty quiet last year, but we were able to send over 1,000 all-ages comics to new homes, including a children’s hospital in Buffalo.  This cleared out all of our all-ages stock, leaving us with several thousand teen+ and mature reader comics that need new homes.  Those homes are much harder to find.  The plan for 2015 is to reorganize and get back on our feet with a new donation service and a more direct way for all of you to help get these books to new homes.  Once those are in place we will start accepting new donation again.

Leave a comment below or email us at if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, critiques, or anything to say.

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support over the last several years and as we move forward!


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  • Matt SantoriGriffith

    Awesome work so far! Keep us posted, because there’s always more comics where those came from! 😉

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