How To Donate

Information on how creators, publishers, and retailers can help can be found here.

We can’t get comics to troops overseas or those less fortunate unless you donate them.  We would prefer the comics be as recent as possible, but you can donate whatever comics you want.  We will find a new home of them all.  Since we going to be distributing these comics to others, we ask that they be in readable condition and not torn up or in danger of coming apart.

So far we have not gotten a lot of all-ages appropriate comics, and we are in desperate need of these so we can distribute comics to more children.

Donations can be sent to:

We have been overwhelmed with donations the last few months and are not current accepting donated comics.  Once we catch up with everything and find new homes for the comics we will open up to new donations.


What do you get out of it?
Besides the knowledge that you helped introduce or reintroduce comics to someone?  We occasionally have items donated to us – original art, signed comics, etc. – whenever possible we will pick the name of someone who has donated at random to give these items to.

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