Creators, Publishers, and Retailers


Creators can help Comics For Heroes by donating signed issues, sketches, art, or just spreading the word.


You can help Comics For Heroes in several ways.  The first is by donating comics that we can send to the troops overseas, hand out to kids in schools, or give to those less fortuante and not able to get comics on their own.  The second is to provide books or merchandise that we can add to our prize raffle for individuals who donate their comics or money. We also accept monetary donations.


We could really use your help. We are collecting both old and new comics.  We donate the all ages books to children’s organizations and distribute them in classrooms.  The books for more mature readers are shipped to the troops overseas and charitable organizations. In addition to collecting donations, we are also putting together a pool of prizes for individuals who donate. Everyone who donates gest their name entered in a raffle and is eligible to win a prize when they’re available.  So far the prizes come mostly from our personal collections of signed comics and variants.

You can help in several ways:

– Donating comics

– Providing a location for people to drop off donations

– Advertising the efforts of Comics For Heroes to your customers via flyers and/or your website and email list

– Donating to the prize pool either directly or reaching out to creators you might have a relationship with

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