HERO PICKS: Week of May 1, 2013

All-New X-Men #11

All New X-Men 11Writer:  Brian M. Bendis
Artist:  Stuart Immonen


If you aren’t reading this already, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?  The best X-Men book in a long time.  It can be read alone, without a need to read the other X-Books.





Hawkeye #10

hawkeye 10Writer:  Matt Fraction
Artist:  Francesco Francavilla


The best non-superhero book about a superhero.  I never liked Hawkeye.  I can’t stand him.  I love this book.  Easily makes my top 3 books I am reading right now.





Polarity #2

POLARITY 2Writer:  Max Bemis
Artist: Jorge Coelho


DEATH TO ALL HIPSTERS!  Number one had a great ending and the art was amazing.  Really looking forward to reading this.





Snapshot #4

Snapshot 4Writer:  Andy Diggle
Artist:  Jock


This mini-series has covered a lot of ground in 4 issues.  I cannot wait to see how it all comes together and ends this month.  worth it for the Jock art alone.






Numero Uno’s

New books we are trying out this week and will report on whether we liked them or not


Shadowman #0

Shadowman 0Writer: Justin Jordan
Artist: Patrick Zircher





Suicide Risk #1

suicide risk 1Writer:  Mike Carey
Artist:   Elena Casagrande






Ten Grand #1

ten grand 1Writer:  J. Michael Straczynski
Artist:  Ben Templesmith
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