Confessions Of A Comic Book Virgin: There’s A 1st Time (Reading) For Everyone

I never imagined I would one day be sitting here writing an article about why I love comic books and how they have become a very significant part of my life. These books filled with vibrant art and stories trapped in little bubbles seemed like a creation that was only for those who were superhero lovers and the self proclaimed ‘geeks” and “nerds”. Later, I would learn just how wrong I was. After meeting my best friend on Twitter who has been a comic book lover since he was very young, I was intrigued. I needed to find out more. Why was he so passionate about this? What could possibly be so fascinating about these books to a man in his thirties? What was it about these colorful little works of art that drove his imagination wild? After numerous attempts to get him to take me seriously, he finally gave in and opened the door to a very new and exciting world for me.

I had only known of the bigger names, Batman, Superman, Spider-Man… you get the picture. But these were all superhero comics. How would I have any interest in them? I loved horror/mystery, history, drama, etc. That did not exist in comics, right? Wrong. I had no idea there were so many different genres of comic books! I also had no idea I would later become such a huge fan of Batman.

locke and key vol 1I received my first comic book, a hardcover, Lock & Key volume 1, as a gift. I could not stop studying the art. With each page I was finding little clues from the story hidden within the pictures. It was nothing like reading a novel. No.This was completely different. I felt like a kid again with all the pictures to guide me along my journey. But this was so much better. This was so much more. I had a deeper and greater appreciation for everything I was experiencing at that moment. I was experiencing amazing art and creative literature all at once. I was having a comic book orgasm! This was something for me as an adult to savor and appreciate and best of all, to lose myself in. With the turn of each page I was falling in love with the story, with the art and with what a comic book is. I was hooked and I needed more. After I finished Volume 1, I needed Volume 2 immediately. In fact, I was on a mission to read as many comics as I could. Speaking of falling in love…. my next comic book was Batman.

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