Even Better Than the Real Thing?

Broken Saints
Imagine a comic book reading experience that could be called ‘enhanced.’ Animation, sound FX, voice acting, narration. What is a motion comic anyway? Is that even a good question? Or one with little, if any, relevance? Well, at minimum, a motion comic is in part a by-product of comics and comic book-reading, so it deserves... more →
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Mann About the Racks: Green Lantern #24

Green Lantern Relic
As I have often described, it is quite difficult to recommend comic books to the new reader that are so entrenched in history. Green Lantern is one of those books but this may be the best time to see what our emerald heroes are all about. Up till this year there was one leading voice to the Green Lantern books, a man named Geoff... more →
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Mann About the Racks: X-Men Battle of the Atom

X-Men - Battle of the Atom Banner
The first time I ever ventured into a comic shop, it was because I adored the X-Men cartoon. So I will always be an X-Men fan first and foremost no matter what. It recent times it has not been easy being a mutant, and it is no spoiler if I tell you that Professor X has died at the hands of a Phoenix possessed Cyclops and the X-Men... more →
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Comics’ New Blood

In case you were wondering, this is where it all starts. This is the moment you get a snapshot of the future, and a little bit of time to examine the photo negative. Who’s to know what these, the following comic creators, will produce one day? But I can tell you all about what they’ve done and are doing.   Would... more →
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Mann About The Racks: REVIVAL #12

Revival is a creator owned book published by Image comics, and is about the undead in a small rural town in Wisconsin. I am so tempted to say, “If you like zombies then you will love this book” but it does not quite fit that category. Revival is actually a book about the no longer dead that are sentient and not necessarily violent,... more →
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Before the Fame

So maybe you know them, and maybe you don’t. But chances are good you’ve heard of the movie and television versions of the same. Fair warning: if this is your first time hanging out with someone who always shouts, “The book was better than the movie!” then get ready for some loud company. Only, this time the... more →
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Mann About The Racks: Batman #21 ZERO YEAR

Batman #21
Given the principle of this post is on introducing new readers to the genre, then you may wonder how can you possibly find somewhere to start with Batman? If you ask any comic fan or casual superhero moviegoer their favourite character, Bruce will often figure high on that list. So much so, that this is the reason why there are so... more →
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Wealth Gap Heroes

cost of being batman
Money can’t buy me love? That’s no problem for Batman, who says, “It bought me gadgets, cars, property, and influence.” It doesn’t bother Iron Man either, who reminds us, “Money paid for this fancy, high-powered armor.”   So, maybe those aren’t direct quotes, but money has been... more →
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Mann About The Racks: The Wake #1

The Wake #1 thumbnail
There is an enigma about the deep sea that makes it a wonderful environment for horror and mystery. The darkness and silence of depth gives an eerie feel to any adventure. This is the world in which this book resides and it takes full advantage of its surroundings. Welcome to The Wake. The story begins in the future and shows a city... more →
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Give Comics a Chance

It’s like reading’s best kept secret or something.  It’s like two storytelling mediums got married one afternoon, only you missed the reception. I don’t read comics because I think it makes me cool, but it does in fact make me cool. Where were you when Reed Richards was put on trial, when Batman caught the... more →
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