Short Term Goals

We are at a point where we are focused more on building our “brand” and spreading the word about what we do.  We need your donations, we love getting the comics and money you all have donated out of the kindness of your heart.  We get such an incredible feeling whenever donations come in and we know that what we are doing is worth it.  We want to spread that out over the whole year, not just over the holiday season.  Probably 60% of donations, both comics and money, came during or shortly after the holiday season last year and the rest were spread thinly over the rest of the year.

We want to spread the word about what we do and encourage others to do the same.   We strongly believe that if this happens, then donations will come as a result.  We are going to do our part to make it worth it for all of you by putting regular content up on the site that is relevant to what we do and where we want to take Comics For Heroes.  Like we said before, we want to build the brand first and foremost right now.  It will make it easier to get donations and gain wider industry support.  Then we can spread more comic goodness to the troops serving overseas, to the needy and less fortunate, and get all-ages friendly comics to kids in school.


Long Term Goals

Once donations come in with more consistency and regularity, we would like to focus on obtaining official non-profit status so your donations will be tax deductible.

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