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Top 3 Comics – Batman, Manhattan Projects, Saga


I have been been reading comics since I was 8, 9, or 10 years old (I have a bad memory).  I fell in love with John Byrne’s Man of Steel series and his Superman was the first character I followed in comics.  I am more of a Batman guy now, but Supes always has a spot near the top of my list.  After realizing at a relatively young age that I would never be the comic artist/writer superstar I aspired to be, I had a short but glorious career in archaeology before becoming an IT professional.  My passion for comics, while always there, reawakened with a passion after rediscovering my love of art.  After someone in the industry did something really cool for me, Comics For Heroes was born out of a desire to share my passion for comics and bring the joy and fun that I find in them to those not necessarily able to enjoy it on their own.


Jessica Noble – News and Features Editor

Top 3 Comics – Batman, Morning Glories, Locke & Key


Jessica just started reading comics in the last year.  Her perspective as a new reader and someone who never gave comics a thought previously is very important to what we do here at Comics For Heroes.  Jessica is our news and features editor, but also does a lot of the grunt work for us – contacting groups and organizations about donations, sending emails, making sure the stuff I write is coherent, and is always there to bounce ideas off of.


Kulbir MannKulbir Mann – Contributor

Top 3 Comics – Saga, Batman, Hawkeye

After watching the nineties X-Men & Batman cartoons I became obsessed with Detective Comics and Uncanny X-Men books.  It was all I read but when I went to university, my Mum forgot to pick them up.  My comics were gone and I was devastated. Fast forward five years and a medical degree, I walk past a comic shop in my Liverpool home and I pop in.  I pick up the same comics I did back then and paid for them with my own money!  I currently work as a surgeon and have my own blog which I obsessively write for.  This has meant I read pretty much everything and love all types of comics.  Most importantly I feel comics are not appreciated highly enough in the literature and art world.  My aims are to spread the love far and wide and this is the reason I started writing for this blog.  I want new people to read comic books and I want them to spread the word.  I am very supportive of the aims of this site and am happy to contribute as best I can.  So go out there and read some comics!  My personal blog is here.




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