About Us

How We Got Started

This all started when I was putting away comics in long boxes and got frustrated with just how many comics I have accumulated over the years.  I started thinking about how many of them I would actually read again and realized that most things I would read multiple times, I also had collected in trades.  I had a lot of comics stored away that would just sit in their boxes indefinitely.  I then started to mull over the question of how many of them actually mattered to me in terms of collectibility.  The answer to that was roughly about half of my collection was stuff that I truly wanted to keep.  Since storage in my house is at a premium, I started to think about what I could do with the comics I did not want.  I knew two things – I did not want to sell them and I would never just throw them out.  I wanted them to go somewhere where people would hopefully enjoy them as much as I did.

Over the course of the next few hours and talking with some friends online, I decided that I would take the all ages appropriate comics to a local children’s hospital and send the comics for more mature readers to the troops overseas.  With Christmas 2 months away at the time I started to think bigger and wider in scope.  I thought if I can get rid of this many comics, surely others can as well and that is how Comics For Heroes was born.

We have been up and running for a year now.  We have raised over $600, collected thousands of comics to send off to the troops, and had our first creator driven fundraiser (thank you Scott Snyder).

What We Do

We want to work with other sites, retailers, publishers, and you, to get comics to those who aren’t able to get them on their own and promote everything good about comics.


We started with the main goal of getting comics to troops overseas and to those less fortunate and not able to get comics on their own.  While that is still our primary goal, it wasn’t enough.  It was a lot of begging and pleading for donations and little else.  We want to do something more than just get your comics to those who need them.  We want to spread the joy and everything that is great about comics to as many people as possible.  We want to emphasize everything good and fun about comics and help people discover comics they love.  A big part of that is going to be by emphasizing the diversity in comics.  Too many people associate comics with superheroes, and don’t read them because of this.  There is such a wider range of comics out there.  You can find a comic for any taste or interest and we want to make more people aware of that, especially people not reading comics already.  Another thing that we think is important to promote through comics is education, particularly reading, literacy, and artistic creativity.  Every now and then you hear about the positive impact comics have had on people’s lives.  No matter how big or little this impact was, we want to collect as many of these stories as possible and share them.

We want to work with other sites, retailers, publishers, and you, to get comics to those who aren’t able to get them on their own and promote everything good about comics.  There are sites and organizations that do certain things we would like to do better than us, so rather than set out to do those things on our own, we are going to reach out to them, work with them and promote what they are doing and contributing what we can here.  The biggest goal of ours that falls into this category is education and comics having a role in education.  This is something that would be very hard to do on our own, so we’d rather emphasize and put the spotlight on the work that other people are doing and doing a great job at.

We do not have non-profit status at this time due to the high costs of obtaining such status.  As soon as we are in a situation where we can afford the costs, we will file the paperwork to register as a NPO and apply to the IRS for tax-exempt status.


Bios can be found here.


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